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One goalkeeper from Kuwait also wears grey tracklower

One goalkeeper from Kuwait also wears grey tracklower

Saleh Mahdi, 8 times goalkeeper of Kuwait National teams, also wears grey track lower as Gabor Kiraly. It is not by accident, the 33 years old sportman is following the career of the hungarian rekorder . Interview with Saleh Mahdi.

Since when you know Gabor Kiraly?

 -Since 1999. In Hertha Berlin games, I could see him on TV. I like his style, his professional saves.I asked my exgoalkeeper traineer Attila Bako , he told me many good things about him.

 You wear always grey track lover on football matches like Kiraly. Since when?

-First time I used in 2002, but not so many times. Since 2010 until now I'm wearing the track. Becuase I'm too much comfortable with this style and it's special in Kuwait.

 Are you in contact with hungarian rekorder Kiraly?

 -Yes, i am following his career. I have Fulham goalkeeper dress, and I am reading the news about him. In 2013 I contacted him by phone and i was very happy, since that time i'm contacting him personly, and I am following his company K1RALYSPORT also. Im pleasure that I got 2 shirts from him by the coach Sándor Egervári and Elbert András.

 What is about your career?

-I am goalkeeper of Alnaser Kuwait Club. My team is 10th right now in the first league.  But now it is freetime for us, because our national team in Austrila for Asia Cup and we will start games on 30/1/2015 only. I was national champion, 8 times member of the national team, captain of the team in Olympic Games Athens. In 2009/2010 I played in Hungary, in Budapest Honved also. I have family 2 daughters  and 1 son. My target by the time to be golakeeper coach.

 Name: Saleh Mahdi (Goalkeeper of Kuwait national team)

Birth day: 09\07\1981

Weight and high: 77kg and 182m

National: Kuwaiti


*First place for the league Kuwait 1999-2000

* Second place league Kuwait 2000-2001 – 2003-2004

*Kuwait prince Cup (First place) 2000-2001

Kuwait prince Cup (Second place) 2002-2003, 2006-2007, 2007-2008

*Kuwait Crown Prince Cup (First place) 2000-2001
(Second place) 1998-1999

*First place for the league Kuwait 2010-2011

Personal Achievements

* Play for the first team when I’m 16 years of age.

*Kuwait captain under 19 years

* Captain Kuwaiti Olympic Games in Athens

* The best goalkeeper in the Championship club Cooperation Council, 1998-1999

* Best player in the month of November 2000 in Kuwait league

* The best goalkeeper in the league of Kuwait in 2000-2001 season

• The second best goalkeeper in the league of Kuwait in 1998-1999 seasons

* 8 international matches with the Kuwaiti Team.

Alsalmiya kuwait club 1992 - 2009
Budapest honved 2009 -2010 (10 games nb2)
Alqadsiya kuwait club 2010 -2011 Alshabab kuwait club 2011 - 2012
Alfahahel kuwait club 2012 - 2013
Alsahel kuwait club 2013 - 2014
Alnaser kuwait club 2014 - 2015

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My name is Gabor Kiraly 

108 times Hungarian National goalkeeper, with 882 professional games behind me.
My experience I have from England and Germany. My dream in childhood is in fulfillment as I now announcing that my International Goalkeeper school starts, where I expect you very much.



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