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Kiraly: Our goalkeepers come along

Kiraly: Our goalkeepers come along

There was the second meeting of the year for goalkeepers of Kiraly Gabor National Goalkeeper School. The founder Kiraly said: our goalkeepers are motivated.

Goalkeepers came from several points of the country to Szombathely on Sunfay afternoon. There was the second meeting and training of the year for students of  Kiraly Goalkeeper School.


-It was a good idea that we have meetings between two camps-started the founder Kiraly. We can check our goalkeepers’s phase. 3-5 months after they progressed a lot. They come along not only in attitude, they are more motivated. It is good that they can spend time, and energy to come back for study. That is the most important to believe, that if somebody is workful that is already half hit.-said the goalkeeper of Fulham. 

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My name is Gabor Kiraly 

108 times Hungarian National goalkeeper, with 882 professional games behind me.
My experience I have from England and Germany. My dream in childhood is in fulfillment as I now announcing that my International Goalkeeper school starts, where I expect you very much.



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