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Kiraly Sports Complex

The establishment lies on a calm, quiet floorplace of 45 000 square meters. The ideal environment makes it possible to practice the most different kinds of leisure time sports and to transact cultural events. The service premises of high standard located in the complex's main building give the background for professional and leisure time sports satisfying every need. The Sports Café gives an excellent opportunity to relax, to ease hunger and thirst and to enjoy oneself.
Of course the main rple is carried out by football. Besides two center field fitting UEFA regulations there are three smaller grassy fields as well as one field covered with concrete and two other ones covered with cinder available for the tenants. Our establishment is an excellent location for other leisure time games as well, as we have two cinder-tracks fitting international regulations for playing tennis, and two bituminous field s for playing basketball which await those wanted to do sports.

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My name is Gabor Kiraly 

108 times Hungarian National goalkeeper, with 882 professional games behind me.
My experience I have from England and Germany. My dream in childhood is in fulfillment as I now announcing that my International Goalkeeper school starts, where I expect you very much.



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