On the first day of camp the registration for the successfully accepted Junior Keepers is at 12 o`clock at the given hotel.

We ask you to come on time to the registration!

On the third day of camp the keepers can leave the keeperschool at 16 o`clock.

The participation price: 53.000 HUF

The participation price includes:

  • 5 intensive, special training sessions in 3 days at the Király Gábor International Goalkeeping School 
  • 2 nights accommodation - with supervision by the programme organiser 
  • 3 hot meals a day 
  • Shuttle bus between accommodation and the Király Sports Facility 
  • Surprise gift for all participants at the end of the camp

The Participation Price DOES NOT include:

• The price of the sportsinsurance which must be concluded during the camp

You can register here: https://bit.ly/3dQPIPu 

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My name is Gabor Kiraly 

108 times Hungarian National goalkeeper, with 882 professional games behind me.
My experience I have from England and Germany. My dream in childhood is in fulfillment as I now announcing that my International Goalkeeper school starts, where I expect you very much.



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