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The Gabor Kiraly International Goalkeeperschool is supported by a confidential team. Gabor Kiraly of the founder has his ex-goalkeeper coach Peter Hegedus Goalkeeper perform the requested tasks. In addition, he will also goalkeeping coach.

The other goalkeeper coach also grew at all in Haladas (Top League in Hungary). Miklos Dombay, Tamas Takacs and Istvan Biro young people represent the Goalkeeperschool.
Under the guidance Gabor Kiralys trainers work.

Because Gabor Kiraly is still active goalkeeper by 1860 Munich in Bundesliga, he can not always be in person at the activities there, but he gets current information from the Goalkeeperschool.



My name is Gabor Kiraly 

108 times Hungarian National goalkeeper, with 882 professional games behind me.
My experience I have from England and Germany. My dream in childhood is in fulfillment as I now announcing that my International Goalkeeper school starts, where I expect you very much.



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